July 27, 2014

Today I read an old story about a man who had all his senses removed surgically so he could reach God and talk to Him. Having gone crazy, having seen and talked to dead, and having tried to kill himself the guy finally got his consciousness back and whispered: "I talked to God. He left us".

August 11, 2010

Perfection of dreams

Every volute of my attention is perfect with its own shape, radiating its personal content. But as I try to bring them all togehter, to create a integral picture and to understand it's own meaning, I fall. I try to make a conclusion but they simply push off each other with a great force. They are not just different but they awfully don't match  neither with each other or with neutral background.
Bomm.. . ._bw by ~donjuk (http://fav.me/diac2o)

August 02, 2010


Sweet storm – I’ve been waiting for you for such a long time. I got lost and decided to find a way out. But I had to understand where I’ve been and how the hell people get lost during their eventful lives. I guess that’s the problem – we don’t understand that something really happened until we fall into a rut and are sucked down in the swamp of everyday darkness.

April 01, 2010


                                                                by Justin M. Maller

 "...the one who can be cruel; the one who keeps secrets; the one who glances sidelong; the one who looks playful; the one who  leaves her home at night; the one who daydreams; the one who can be sad; the one who splits her sides with laughter; the light-headed one; the divout one; the timid one; the strong and brave one; the one who can confess her sins; the one who makes excuses; the one who notices people; the one with intuition; the one who knows art and scienсe; the one who speaks many languages...""

March 31, 2010

People, faces, situations...

Have u ever seen familiar people in very awkward (almost begging) situations?
Well...that's how idols fall and how most respectable and admireable person becomes the most miserable one.
What  a pity...:(

March 13, 2010


     Realizing the peaceful sadness of winter that is just passing away, I couldn't sleep tonight. I woke up to take a walk. Impressed by new "Alice" and old "London, je t'aime", I chose old good "The Knife" as soundtrack of my mood. The snow was falling down, trying to stay snow, not rain, as it reached the ground. I wasn't the only one who preferred insomnia tonight. People were listening to the music (I wonder what kind of music...) smiling to their thoughts, which, evidently, composed the mysterious dance of the weather tonight.


March 06, 2010


March 6. It's 5 degrees below zero and there's nobody outside. I seem to be the only one who dared to leave the house. Standing on the roof of my house I feel like a princess, lost somewhere in Iceland. Lights are off, ground is covered with snow, and there isn't any star on the sky. It sounds sad, but it's not. Time wants to slow down and present me a moment of calmness, filling my thoughts with relief.
Funny day, interesting evening...May the night will turn out to be even better?

February 26, 2010


YeS   YeS   YeS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is here! London saw the Alice in the Wonderland. Finally. I've been dreaming 'bout this day since I read the book at the first time.


this is a photo, published in Vogue
Was amazed by it. It can be a symbol of all those fakers we meet. Hey! Fake beauties, fake smarty-pants, we know how you "queens" stick to your inhibitions and we also know that you are "...here to adore me"(us) as great Bertine Zetlitz sang.


Wow...THis day was a real day. You know, some days bring relief, some - inspiration, and some days just pass by, like careless hoboes (don't leave anything except slight fragrance of time).
But this day was not just a space of time, something suddenly dawned upon me. I really got inspired by understanding the inner side of the world, by its real face. I've never been optimistic as for the future but still let people tell me that evrth's gonna be better than it is. But, people, u have to admit the fact that most people are fakes - just shadows casted by personalities.
Sounds awful - I know. But I still observe many people envying and hating others without even knowing them. How poor and grey their lives must be, how colorblind and miserable these people must be.
Fake emotions, fake smiles, fake world.

February 21, 2010


Do u know that cats can't recorgnize themselves in the mirror. Only monkeys and dolphins can do it. Sowhy do they look so precisely on heir reflection? May be they can look through the glass and see absolutely different world. :)

Piece of Poetry


I am horizontal
You are vertical
You are the mountain
I am the valley
I am the Earth
You are the Sun
I am the shield
You are the sword
I am the wound
You are the pain
I am the night
You are God
You are the fire
I am the water
I am naked
You are in me
I am horizontal
But not every time
You are vertical
But for the time being
I am vertical
The mountain of orgasm
You are horizontal
Near me

Rafal Wojaczek (translated by Jan J. Kaluza)

That's my favorite poem. Ever. Never read anth so close to my soul. Smth that expresses and inspires me.
The autor is a polish poet who, I guess, has never felt anth connected to the happiness. Very complicated and hard to understand in the way he wanted to say it. Full of sadness and loneliness. But still interesting and attractive. Have anth against?

Beatiful Body

I wonder if people understand the beauty of the human body? Incredibly strong and flexible, can stand almost anything, but many people don't appreciate it. Making it fat and weak, refusing its beauty.

February 20, 2010


Have u ever been there? It's really beautful. The city of history. The city that saved its spirit and still looks like hundret years ago. The city that makes u love or hate it immediately. Wanna travel in time? Visit Venice. :)

Welcome to myself

Had an amazing dream tonight...woke up and decided to recreate the mood:
movie: Tideland
music: Dolores O'Riordan
weather: snow and rain
condition: difficult
result: decided to sleep...