April 01, 2010


                                                                by Justin M. Maller

 "...the one who can be cruel; the one who keeps secrets; the one who glances sidelong; the one who looks playful; the one who  leaves her home at night; the one who daydreams; the one who can be sad; the one who splits her sides with laughter; the light-headed one; the divout one; the timid one; the strong and brave one; the one who can confess her sins; the one who makes excuses; the one who notices people; the one with intuition; the one who knows art and scienсe; the one who speaks many languages...""

                                                                  by Justin M. Maller
   Sounds like a portrait of perfect modern woman. Yes! You'll scream that it this is a description of your dreamgirl. But look deeper...

The source:"Catalogue of Harpies and Sorceresses" 1558. This describes a common witch. Any woman/girl, who shared at least one of described features was  burned to ashes.
    Does it mean that we praise evil to the skies? Because nobody would deny that women share some mysteries...that they know the mystical way of seduction, making anybody fall on their knees and praise her...

P.S. I'm proud of being woman ;)


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