August 02, 2010


Sweet storm – I’ve been waiting for you for such a long time. I got lost and decided to find a way out. But I had to understand where I’ve been and how the hell people get lost during their eventful lives. I guess that’s the problem – we don’t understand that something really happened until we fall into a rut and are sucked down in the swamp of everyday darkness.

I got lost. I got lost in thoughts
Natasha Poli by Craig McDean

I got lost in my dreams...
Sasha Pivovarova for Vogue

Sounds had caught me within the limits of their vibrations and hadn’t release until I let them in.

Signe Vilstrup. Tenderness

I guess dreams are the most dangerous things. Did you know they could come true? I mean not the stupid desires and senseless hopes but real dreams that come when you close your eyes and open your consciousness…the most interested and colorful events of the day happen there…everything comes true there…

Your pray for the dream to come but then you beg it to set you free.
S.Pivovarova for Vogue

As for me, I was wrong thinking that dreams were just the game of imagination. Dreams are alive your fears and desires reflect in the mirror of subconsciousness and get closely interwoven with the world behind that mirror. But they never leave you – they get embodied into everyday monsters and ghost that become your best friends – your nightmares take your hand and never…ever…leave you anymore.
By Brad Kim

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