August 11, 2010

Perfection of dreams

Every volute of my attention is perfect with its own shape, radiating its personal content. But as I try to bring them all togehter, to create a integral picture and to understand it's own meaning, I fall. I try to make a conclusion but they simply push off each other with a great force. They are not just different but they awfully don't match  neither with each other or with neutral background.
Bomm.. . ._bw by ~donjuk (

But the worst thing is the fact this disgust is a part of being , a part of a real world. "How could it be possible that the world rejects beauty?", - ask you. Yes, it can.
Delusion of Autumn (

The world keeps admiring some parts of the perfection but when it is the entire perfection of matter then even the most passionate connoisseur of beauty gets lost. Because its every perfect incarnation is too good.  In this case even usual methods of persuading don't work: as you try to personificate attractive perfectioness, impressive imperfectioness, and common reality, your creature meets the entire dropping of even its existence.
by *samoshaver (
That's why dreams come true only if they are usual, mediocre and not exacting. Perfection is aprehensive only for its owner. But for its master even simple dreams are impossible to come true...
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