March 13, 2010


     Realizing the peaceful sadness of winter that is just passing away, I couldn't sleep tonight. I woke up to take a walk. Impressed by new "Alice" and old "London, je t'aime", I chose old good "The Knife" as soundtrack of my mood. The snow was falling down, trying to stay snow, not rain, as it reached the ground. I wasn't the only one who preferred insomnia tonight. People were listening to the music (I wonder what kind of music...) smiling to their thoughts, which, evidently, composed the mysterious dance of the weather tonight.

Can't stop getting more and more excited about tomorrow - the greatest Spanish movies of last years on the big screen. I've been waiting for it for such a long time: no popcorn and dump faces, stupid jokes and absolutely fake emotions. If only coming nights could last forever!!! Crazy situations combined with cruel reality, sincere people and smiles/tears that are so much real...that call you there...behind the screen, inviting you to share the perfection and unpredictability...night after night, night after night...
     Love night.
     Love myself at night...

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  1. i am happy incomnia comes to me very night. it makes me feel i'm still alive while the others are sleeping, dreaming... what a fools

    tet a tet with ur thoughts - is anything can be better? =^.^=