February 26, 2010


YeS   YeS   YeS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is here! London saw the Alice in the Wonderland. Finally. I've been dreaming 'bout this day since I read the book at the first time.

by Xavier Collette
Tim Burton is the most mysterious and "failytale" director ever. I guess there's noone who could imagine Alice and her Wonderland better than  he can.
Yes, I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm sure  Burton's movie can't disappoint (it hasn't happen yet :) )
by Xavier Collette


  1. hahahh... tim burton forever ^^

  2. these pictures are amazing! i like how Alice doesn't look like the typical angelic-looking Alice that many of us are used too! very dark and dramatic. Tim Burton is an artist, and i loved his version of Alice in Wonderland!