February 21, 2010

Piece of Poetry


I am horizontal
You are vertical
You are the mountain
I am the valley
I am the Earth
You are the Sun
I am the shield
You are the sword
I am the wound
You are the pain
I am the night
You are God
You are the fire
I am the water
I am naked
You are in me
I am horizontal
But not every time
You are vertical
But for the time being
I am vertical
The mountain of orgasm
You are horizontal
Near me

Rafal Wojaczek (translated by Jan J. Kaluza)

That's my favorite poem. Ever. Never read anth so close to my soul. Smth that expresses and inspires me.
The autor is a polish poet who, I guess, has never felt anth connected to the happiness. Very complicated and hard to understand in the way he wanted to say it. Full of sadness and loneliness. But still interesting and attractive. Have anth against?

1 comment:

  1. why some poetry sounds good only in original variant? i wish i could make some lovely translation on russian for this ;)