February 26, 2010


Wow...THis day was a real day. You know, some days bring relief, some - inspiration, and some days just pass by, like careless hoboes (don't leave anything except slight fragrance of time).
But this day was not just a space of time, something suddenly dawned upon me. I really got inspired by understanding the inner side of the world, by its real face. I've never been optimistic as for the future but still let people tell me that evrth's gonna be better than it is. But, people, u have to admit the fact that most people are fakes - just shadows casted by personalities.
Sounds awful - I know. But I still observe many people envying and hating others without even knowing them. How poor and grey their lives must be, how colorblind and miserable these people must be.
Fake emotions, fake smiles, fake world.


  1. maybe we all are fakes? but some people just dont know about it.

  2. That's a problem! Real people knoe they are real but fakes don't know they are not :(